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Washington D.C. Residents Ask: Can Breast Reduction Alleviate Back Pain?

Breast Reduction Near Washington DCIt is a well-known fact that women with especially large breasts (macromastia) often experience negative symptoms such as back pain. Heavy breasts can cause a host of bodily problems in addition to making it challenging for a woman to exercise, thus leading to health and weight-related issues as well. Some common complaints of women suffering from macromastia include chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain; headaches; poor posture; numbness and tingling in hands and fingertips; shortness of breath; and rashes, to name a few.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery often leads to some of the most satisfied patients. Women who have felt encumbered and possibly embarrassed by their large breasts can have a new lease on life. Before considering surgery, some women may try other solutions such as anti-inflammatory medication, support bras, and weight loss regimens without realizing that some of these treatments can lead to other detrimental symptoms.

A breast reduction can remove some of the mass and the excess skin of oversized breasts, making them much more manageable. Everything will feel lighter after a successful breast reduction surgery, and most women will be able to breastfeed without any trouble post-op.

Unlike other cosmetic surgery procedures, due to its health benefits breast reduction surgery may often be covered by health insurance.

What Can I Expect from Breast Reduction Surgery?

There are two general types of breast reduction procedures: vertical pattern breast reduction and wise pattern breast reduction. Vertical pattern breast reduction comes with less scarring, but this method is not as versatile and may not be sufficient to reduce very large breasts. During your consultation, Dr. Banks will assess your unique situation and come up with a treatment plan that is best suited to your needs.

The procedure itself usually takes about three to four hours, allowing you to go home that same day. Surgery-related pain is considered moderate, but you should be able to feel relief in your back and shoulders immediately. It is best to avoid any moderate to strenuous activity for one to two weeks after surgery.

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