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Will 400cc Hp Silicone Implants Be Good For My Body Type?
The implant sizes that are possible for your breasts does depend on the width of your breast. We have implants with different projections: the more... READ MORE >
Borderline Needing a Lift. Are Subglandular Silicone Implants Right for my Ptosis? (photo)
When you're in your spot, it is a tough call. You may find it helpful to look at before and after photos of patients with a similar breast shape after... READ MORE >
Would I Need More Than Tri Lipo to Get Rid of the Pouch? (photo)
It sounds like you have reasonable expectations. You know that you have separation of your stomach muscles and you know that can not be fixed with... READ MORE >
4 Years Post-Op Breast Augmentation the Skin Over One Breast has Stretched Out More, Is this Normal?
It is normal for the skin of the breast to give over time and stretch, with or without implants, leading to a hanging breast or ptosis. Many women need a... READ MORE >
When is Breast Liposuction an Ideal Option for Women?
Similar to other body areas, liposuction works well for areas of the body that are mostly fatty and have little or no excess skin. The skin must have good... READ MORE >