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Kybella Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

Kybella is an FDA-approved treatment that banishes your dreaded double chin. If you have submental fat issues, also known as fat under your chin or a double chin, and you live in Washington, D.C., or any of the surrounding communities, Nia Banks, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon, is a perfectionist who treats your body like a work of art, and she can help you lose the double chin with Kybella® treatments at the Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery.

What is Kybella®?

Are you looking for a new way to eliminate double chin fat? A recent survey by the American Society for Dermatological Surgery revealed that nearly 67 percent of the population is as bothered by double chins as we are by lines and wrinkles around our eyes. But unfortunately, a quick fix for a contoured chin has always proved elusive, until now. Kybella® is a recently approved solution for addressing that hard to treat issue of a double chin, safely, effectively, and with no downtime or discomfort.

What are the Benefits of Kybella®?

The dreaded double chin is a depressing reality for those who suffer from excess fat, and there’s no doubt that eliminating the double chin with diet and exercise can be very difficult to accomplish. Do you have extra fat below your chin? Kybella® is an injectable cosmetic treatment that assists with fat absorption and destroys fat cells. Treatment plans developed by Dr. Banks are tailored to each patient depending on the degree of fat and skin laxity present, helping you address the unfortunate fact that your neck, jawline, and chin do not respond to diet and exercise like the rest of your body.

Who is a Candidate for Kybella®?

If you have excess fat below your chin, known as submental fat, then you may very well be a patient for the double chin destroying power of Kybella®. As you age, your body processes fat less efficiently, often resulting in a double chin, which can be a real detriment to your youthful appearance. Prior to Kybella®, liposuction was the only available technique to remove fat from the chin and to contour your neck and jawline. But liposuction requires downtime, and it is a surgical procedure. Now, if you would like to change the appearance of your neck, jawline, or double chin, you may be a good candidate for Kybella®, whose main ingredient helps you absorb fat under the chin without the need for surgery, downtime, or even really any significant pain or discomfort.

What is the Procedure for Kybella®?

First, Dr. Banks will mark your neck and chin area with a grid pattern to represent your personalized treatment strategy for Kybella® injections, and then, after your comfort is assured with a topical numbing agent, a series of injections will be introduced into your neck area as well as the surrounding areas. Most patients need two-to-three treatments spaced six weeks apart, with each treatment taking about 15-20 minutes. You are able to return to work right away with no downtime immediately after your treatment.

How Much Does Kybella Cost?

Your costs for Kybella® will vary based on your unique needs. Every patient is different, and each patient’s unique double chin needs are different, so take the time to schedule your one-on-one Kybella® consultation with Dr. Banks, who will go over in detail all of your options and personal goals. It’s her goal to make sure every treatment is uniquely customized to each patient, so give us a call today to set up your appointment. During your initial consultation with Dr. Banks, you will find that she not only has an extremely comforting spirit but that she is a perfectionist who will treat your body like a work of art. She is very professional and spends your visit talking about the Kybella® procedure and how to help you achieve your goals, which gives you more time to discuss your concerns about the surgery. During your consultation, we will discuss your payment options, including financing.

“Amazing…absolutely amazing.” That’s what past patients of Nia Banks, M.D., have had to say about her work. Dr. Banks and the Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery entire staff is courteous and professional, focused on making sure patients in Washington, DC, Columbia, MD, and the surrounding communities have a very good experience in a very comfortable atmosphere. Contact us today to set up your complimentary Kybella®consultation with Dr. Banks!