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Botox Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

Located in Glen Burnie MD, Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery offers plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments to the residents of Washington DC, and the surrounding communities in Maryland of Columbia and Baltimore.

What is Botox?

In today’s “anti-aging” society, we resist looking older and seek ways to regain our “youthfulness.” Botox® Cosmetic treatment can safely and effectively soften those lines and reduce even the deepest, toughest wrinkles. Botox is an FDA-approved muscle-relaxing agent that works at motor nerve endings (nerves that lead to muscles). Normally, your brain sends electrical messages to your muscles so that they can contract and move. Botox works to block the transmission of the message to the muscle so that the muscle does not contract. By blocking the movement of the muscle, the skin above stays smooth and free of worry lines. So don’t let the stress of everyday life make you look tired and older… now you have the secret… BOTOX®.

To book your appointment or to inquire about average Botox prices, please give us a call today. And if you’re still unsure if this treatments is for you, we recommend browsing through some Botox before and after pictures.

Botox Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC
Botox Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

How is Botox Administered?

There is no anesthesia is required before your treatment. Dr. Nia Banks will ask you to make a series of frowning expressions prior to treatment to determine where to administer the Botox injections. This simple, 10-minute, non-surgical procedure causes little to no discomfort. Your doctor will administer several tiny injections of Botox directly into the muscles that cause frown lines, and you’ll be back to your normal activities immediately.

Botox Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox?

Every day our facial muscles are called into play many, many times to help create expressions such as smiles, frowns, laughter, etc. Over time, these repeated muscle contractions cause the lines and wrinkles that appear in our faces as part of the aging process and loss of skin elasticity from sun damage. Genetics, family history and lifestyles such as smoking, and excessive sun exposure also factor into the wrinkle-creation process. If you want to rid your face of these facial lines, Botox is a safe, effective treatment that may be the right option for you to regain that “youthful” glow you’re looking for.

What are Typical Botox Results?

The best part about Botox is that there is no down time required and you can go back to your regular activities immediately. Slight inflammation or bruising and tenderness may be associated with the injection. But once that dies down, you’ll be left with smoother, softer and wrinkle-free skin, giving you a healthy, glowing complexion.

Botox treatments temporarily reduce wrinkles and lines for up to four months. Within days, you should see a noticeable improvement. You can receive injections up to every four months to help maintain the results. If you discontinue treatment, the frown lines between your brows gradually will look like they did before treatment. Check out the noticeable difference right here in our Botox before and after pictures.

Real Patient Reviews

“My experience with Dr. Banks and her staff was awesome. The staff was caring, polite and professional. Dr. Banks was informative as well as professional. The outcome of my surgery was well done and I highly recommend her services”
- Sherry S.

What are Botox Costs?

Botox costs will depend on how much you need to treat your specific target area. If you call us today, we’d be happy to set up a consultation for you with Dr. Banks, who will give you a recommendation on a treatment plan that is catered just for you. During this consultation, you’ll be able to discuss pricing, ask questions, and voice any concerns about the treatment. So don’t hesitate; call us today!

Click here to view “The real, noticeable results of BOTOX Cosmetic.”

Dr. Banks and her skilled team at Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in Glen Burnie, work to create a comfortable atmosphere for patients in Washington DC, Columbia MD, Baltimore MD and the surrounding communities.