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Lip Injections Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

Located in Glen Burnie MD, Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery offers plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments to the residents of Washington DC, and the surrounding communities in Maryland of Columbia and Baltimore.

Lip Injections Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

What are Lip Injections?

The list of celebrities getting a lip injection procedure just keeps growing and growing, and the reason for this is that celebrities are just like us. They want to have great looking lips too!. Dr. Nia Banks can help you sculpt more beautiful lips. No matter whether you are a celebrity or not, if you have dissatisfaction with the lips you were born with, or if the effects of aging have caused your lips to look less kissable, then you may be an excellent candidate for lip injections from Dr. Banks. As we age, our body quite naturally produces less collagen, which provides the fullness and buoyancy that makes your lips look lovely. One of the naturally occurring substances in your body is hyaluronic acid, which attracts moisture and provides volume in a natural way to boost your lips. Dr. Banks can recommend an ideal hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler that is perfect for plumping up your pout, so contact us today to set up your consultation!

Lip Injections Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

What are the Benefits of Lip Injections?

Your lips are the most visible part of your face, they are your means of communicating with speech, and they also communicate just through their appearance. Are your lips luscious and lovely, or do you feel a vague sense of dissatisfaction with their appearance? If you want to love your lips again, then the benefit of lip injections with Dr. Banks is that your lip injection results will be completely natural and not ever overdone.

Who is a Candidate for Lip Injections?

Locking lips in a kiss is the ultimate romantic gesture, but if you don’t love your lips, you’re less than confident about your kissing. You deserve to be confident about how you look, and lip injections from Dr. Banks are a good option for anyone who wants to alter their lip shape or just plump their aging lips.

What is the Procedure for Lip Injections?

After you and Dr. Banks have settled on your desired shape and volume, Dr. Banks may apply a topical anesthetic to your lips to numb the treatment area. Dr. Banks will then inject the filler into both your top and bottom lips. You may experience a small prick that is like a mild pinch. In a few minutes, the injections will be completed, and Dr. Banks may massage your lips to shape them. You will see your results immediately with no downtime or recovery time needed. You can get right back to your regular routine without interruption.

Real Patient Reviews

“My experience with Dr. Banks and her staff was awesome. The staff was caring, polite and professional. Dr. Banks was informative as well as professional. The outcome of my surgery was well done and I highly recommend her services”
- Sherry S.

How Much Do Lip Injections Cost?

Your cost for lip injections will vary based on your unique lip augmentation needs. Every patient is different, everyone’s lips are different, and each patient’s unique needs are different, so take the time to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Banks who will go over in detail all of your options and personal goals. It’s her goal to make sure every lip injection treatment is uniquely customized to each patient, so give us a call today to set up your appointment. During your initial consultation with Dr. Banks, you will find that she not only has an extremely comforting spirit but that she is a perfectionist who will treat your body like a work of art. She is very professional and spends your visit talking about the procedure, which gives you more time to discuss your concerns about the treatment. Our entire staff is courteous and professional, focused on making sure you have a very good experience in a very comfortable atmosphere. But most importantly to you, from a patient’s perspective, is our entire team’s knowledge and willingness to explain every detail, and to answer any questions you may have about your lip injection treatment or about payments and financing options.

Dr. Banks and her skilled team at Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in Glen Burnie, work to create a comfortable atmosphere for patients in Washington DC, Columbia MD, Baltimore MD and the surrounding communities.