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Facial Fat Transfer Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

Located in Glen Burnie MD, Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery offers plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments to the residents of Washington DC, and the surrounding communities in Maryland of Columbia and Baltimore.

What is Facial Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer and injections are a popular facial rejuvenation procedure that is similar to dermal filler and injectable treatments. The main difference is that fat transfer and injections use unwanted fat from the patient’s own body, while dermal fillers use manufactured formulas. Fat transfers provide volume and correct wrinkles like fillers but offer a more permanent solution.

Facial Fat Transfer Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

How Much Does Facial Fat Transfer Cost in Washington, DC?

To determine the exact cost of your facial fat transfer, it is recommended that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Banks. This will allow her to prepare a comprehensive treatment plan that aligns with your aesthetic goals. We offer financing options, including CareCredit®, to help individuals cover the costs of treatment.

Where is a Facial Fat Transfer Administered?

Facial fat transfers can be used in several areas of the face. Depending on your cosmetic goals and desires, Dr. Banks will create a custom treatment plan that suits your specific needs. A few of the most common places that utilize facial fat transfers include the cheeks, lips and temples.

Facial Fat Transfer Near Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC

The Cheeks

The cheeks are responsible for providing a lot of shape to the face. As volume loss occurs over the years, the face begins to look deflated. By performing fat transfer and injections in the cheek, patients can restore volume to enhance the mid-face area. This can also give the cheeks a lifted appearance, which can help reduce sagging skin and produces a more youthful look.

The Lips

Eating, speaking and normal facial expressions result in a number of signs of aging developing around the mouth. You may experience volume loss in the lips or wrinkles and lines around the mouth. Fat transfer and injections can be used to rejuvenate the mouth, correcting age-related volume loss and smoothing out fine lines around the lips. This treatment can also be a good option for patients who would simply like to enhance lip volume.


Temporal Hallows or Thinning temples are often missed in facial rejuvenation Fat transfer and injections can provide youthful volume under the eyes to rejuvenate your appearance, helping you look well rested and alert.

Am I a Candidate for Facial Fat Transfer?

Men and women who are considering facial fat transfer are considered candidates if they are experiencing a loss of volume in the face. If you have signs of a tired appearance under the eyes from a decrease in volume or your lips are thin and in need of a plump, you may be a good candidate for a fat transfer.

What are Typical Facial Fat Transfer Results?

Any fat injected into the face becomes permanent, producing long-lasting and natural results.

Real Patient Reviews

“Had an online consultation with Lindsay. She is an absolute gem and very comforting. I felt no pressure and left with more information than my previous consultations. I’m looking forward to my next steps with Dr. Banks.”
- Katie R.

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If you would like to try fat transfer and injections for any of the areas above or would like to learn about the additional benefits of this treatment, contact us today to schedule a consultation at the Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery. We are proud to offer fat transfer and injections and other advanced cosmetic treatments to the residents of Baltimore, Columbia, Washington, DC, and the nearby areas of Maryland.

Dr. Banks and her skilled team at Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in Glen Burnie, work to create a comfortable atmosphere for patients in Washington DC, Columbia MD, Baltimore MD and the surrounding communities.