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How Can I Tell My Husband/Dad I’m Getting a Boob Job?

When it comes to breasts, the size and shape of them can make a big difference in the way a woman feels as she walks through the world. For most, the choice to get a boob job is extremely personal, and comes after much thought and consideration. Due to the fact that this surgery is largely based on intimate physical concerns, it can be difficult to discuss the choice with individuals who may not share your perspective, or may not understand your decision.

Only Share What Makes You Comfortable

discuss your choice to have an elective surgery such as this with people who make you feel comfortable. You are not obligated to discuss your personal choices with anyone. For many women, the conversation with a husband or father can be the most challenging. So, if you are considering a boob job but are unsure of how to bring up this conversation, here is what we recommend.

Consider Time and Location

If you have concerns that your decision may be a controversial topic, then it is important to bring up the conversation during a time when both parties are relaxed and there is enough time to speak thoughtfully and thoroughly on the subject. Consider bringing up the topic over a relaxed dinner, during a walk outside, or any other setting where everyone can feel comfortable to listen and express their views.

Explain How This Will Help You

Although the news may come as a shock, in most cases, your husband or dad will want what is best for you. If you position the conversation in a way to explain just how this will help you feel better about your body, and ultimately, your life, you may find that they are more open to the idea, and willing to offer their support.

Be Prepared For Their Response

Although you may be hoping for unconditional support from your loved ones, it’s important to remember that you cannot control their reactions to your decisions. Ultimately, your choice to have a breast augmentation is entirely yours. So, regardless of how the conversation goes, you should rest assured that the opinion that matters most in this situation is yours.

At Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, we have helped countless women make the transition into the breast size they desire. So if you are considering a boob job and have questions about how we can help, do not hesitate to contact us.